Projects and ventures

Occasionally successful, more often not, but always a valuable learning experience

Electric Scooter Analysis

A brief study into the economics of dockless electric scooter using ride data scraped from Voi and Tier focussed on Lund, Sweden.
Spoiler alert - it wasn't pretty

Coming soon

Eakins Bot

A Messenger bot for my college dining hall to improve attendance predictions and reduce food waste. Checks in daily with a healthy dose of sass, the latest menu and an option to sign in or out of meals. If you ask nicely it might even let you win at a game of Connect 4

Mandurah Phone Repairs

I started and ran a local repair shop from my bedroom during my final 18 months of high school. I learnt a lot along the way, from how to repair phones and tablets to dealing with customers and suppliers in China. I'm still in awe of these modern marvels and the design ingenuity that goes into them